Jewellery Care

The jewellery designed by Cara Jewellers is exquisite and precious and needs to be cared-for to preserve it for generations. The following are a few recommendations to help you for jewellery care.

  • Avoid exposure of your jewellery to soap, perfume, face-cream and household bleach. These substances can corrode the metal and damage gemstones and pearls.
  • Take care not to subject gemstones to strong or sharp instruments to avoid chipping and scratching.
  • While performing any strenuous physical activity, it is advisable to avoid wearing ornaments.
  • Diamonds can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush using a mild solution of six-parts water to one-part ammonia.
  • Jewellery should be cleaned and checked every 6 months with any professional jewellers.
  • While putting on the jewellery, check the setting of the stones and ensure that the clasp of the
    necklace or bracelet fits properly.
  • While not in use, please keep the jewellery in the specially-designed jewellery-box provided by Cara Jewellers.

Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Basic jewellery care and some mindful handling are enough to ensure that your jewellery will retain its shine and brightness for a long time and continue to give you pleasure. No delicate piece of jewellery can be expected to endure harsh environments or chemicals. It is advisable to take off one’s rings and bangles, bracelets etc. when doing housework or handling rough and abrasive materials. Soap often leaves a dull film on white gold, so it is best to remove or cover one’s rings with plastic gloves when using soap.

Keep watch over where you place your jewellery. Often it is misplaced due to carelessness and forgetfulness of the owner. One of the safest places to keep your ring is on your finger, and when not in use, one’s necklace and bracelets etc. must be kept in a secure and locked drawer or locker.

In order to protect gems and metals from abrasion, scratched and grow dull and lifeless, the items of jewellery must be stored in cotton wool, or in a soft cloth bag to protect it from in inadvertent scratching. This is particularly necessary for yellow gold.

Yellow Gold & Rose Gold

Gold is a hard metal when used in jewellery but is very prone to losing its sheen if it is harshly or carelessly stored. Gold jewellery can be washed with warm water, mild liquid soap and a soft toothbrush. This will remove natural oil residue from the surface of the metal and after a cold rinse with water, jewellery should be dried with a soft cloth. This will make the metals and gems sparkle and twinkle with a renewed shine.

White Gold

It is a usual practice to coat white gold with rhodium, which gives it a unique sheen and elegance. This rhodium plating is what needs regular attention as rhodium suffers from wear and tear. A simple and inexpensive process of re-coating 12 to 18 months can cure this.


Prone to scratching, Platinum can still be made to look as good as new with professional polishing. Platinum must be cleaned with a mild soapy water solution and rubbed with a soft cloth. Jewellery cleaning solutions are available in the market, but homemade solutions do this job just as well. A platinum ring left on its own for some time will develop a patina finish, something many people love, almost a vintage touch.