About us

Elegance, Craftsmanship, and Timeless Beauty

Cara Jewellers is an esteemed luxury brand of distinction.
Boasting a legacy of experienced founders and based in Dubai, it has grown from strength to strength to become globally known for its contemporary designs and fine class jewels.
Cara offers a meticulously curated collection of bespoke jewellery. Each piece is a work of art,crafted to perfection, and infused with the allure of timeless elegance.
Founded on the pillars of unwavering trust and unrivalled customer service, Cara Jewellers is synonymous with splendor, style and exclusivity. With a state of the art manufacturing facility and a fast growing team of well-experienced staff,
Cara Jewellers has become part of many milestone moments in the lives of its customers.

About the Founders

At the helm of Cara Jewellers are the dynamic visionaries Kiran Pethani and Anil Pethani, founders of CARA Jewellers, with an impressive legacy of over three decades in the rarefied world of luxury jewelry.
Their vertical climb to leadership, in business and in the industry, has been marked by an unwavering commitment to exceptional quality, a penchant for personalized customer service that surpasses expectations, and a keen eye for meticulous artistry that sets Cara apart in the world of exquisite pieces jewellery.
Always hands-on and actively involved with the business, customers often relate to them as part of an extended family


Making Everyday Special

The expert salespeople handhold customers through the entire process of selecting the diamond and perceiving its various aspects, so that they can take home a jewel that will remain close to the heart and cherished forever. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing-unit in Dubai, the brand delivers superior creations with intricate craftsmanship that showcases the skill of the talented artisans. Cara creates heirloom quality jewellery that reflects its dedication, expertise and love.

Safe for sensitive skin

All pieces are made without the toxic 3: nickel, lead, and cadmium. These are often culprits of skin irritation. Shop with confidence knowing that our pieces are safe for adults and children alike.

Engaged with ethical factories

Only factories that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) are engaged. This initiative ensures that they are involved in practises that respects human & labour rights.

Committed to Sustainability

All shipping emissions that contribute to climate change are neutralised. All carbon offset funds are invested in sustainability initiatives to counteract the environmental impacts of shipping.

Mr. Kiran Pethani

With a rich experience of nearly 26 years in the international jewellery industry, Mr. CM (Kiran) Pethani is the co-Founder of Cara. His quality of developing the business by providing the best customer-service and a memorable shopping experience for customers has made him achieve the immense popularity and consistent growth that the business enjoys year after year. He is energetic and enthusiastic – a people’s person with good communication-skills and a quick decision-maker.

Mr. Anilkumar Pethani

Mr. Anilkumar Pethani, the co-Founder of Cara is an enthusiastic personality with 24 years’ experience in the global jewellery sector. His versatile and diagnostic approach towards the business coupled with his insight and penchant for hard work and perseverance drives the organization to overcome competition. Ensuring the best quality products and excellent customer-service, he has succeeded in creating a niche for the brand.

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